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In today's accelerated marketplace, reliable marketing communications is a valued commodity. With it, companies can differentiate themselves from the competition and prosper. Without it, exploding market conditions can quickly outpace and outdate an enterprise.

PR Plus is viewed as a leading provider of effective and reliable, globally-oriented, marketing communications by key members of the media, top analysts and its select clients, all of whom have experienced unprecedented results.

With insight and understanding of all realms of marketing communications, PR Plus delivers the strategic intelligence that is necessary for companies to compete and win. And PR Plus' program can be tailored to meet your needs at substantially reduced rates than those charged by larger agencies, with high operating costs.

Clients of PR Plus can be assured of receiving highly-competitive rates and focused, hands-on support by Garrick Case, the agency's founder, as well as by PR Plus' other associates -- whom have demonstrated long-term leadership and achievements in the marketing communications field.

PR Plus' hands-on support is enabled due to the agency's commitment to represent a select client base, which enables PR Plus to participate as a much more productive extension of its clients’ marketing communications team – a virtual team member.

Our Approach

The benefit of high-quality marketing communications is the competitive advantage it affords companies who use it as a necessary, strategic weapon.

PR Plus' market-driven approach, understanding of complex marcom issues and expertise in delivering results have made us a valuable contributor to our clients' success.

PR Plus can provide a wide array of services, ranging from media relations to strategic marketing and advertising. PR Plus places greater value in editorial coverage than with advertising. Therefore, we view advertising as complementing a clients’ editorial exposure, versus the approach of other agencies that focus their efforts on increasing billable hours, as well as ad placements, from which they derive significant placement commissions.

PR Plus’ long history of proven successes in helping our clients exceed their expectations has been accomplished as a result of the following:

• Judicious strategic planning and execution that has positioned our clients with key brand and messaging programs.

• An understanding of media relations from the corporate perspective, as well as the press perspective has resulted in strong relationships with key members of the media that has led to positive client press coverage.

• Ability to gain mindshare, interest and credibility with our clients' key constituencies, including journalists, technology analysts, securities analysts, current and prospective shareholders, customers and the community.

• Development of powerful corporate identity programs.

• Positioning our clients in a way that differentiates them from their competitors

• Development of customer testimonials in key publications.

• Provide a communications audit for the purpose of quantifying the results of media relations programs.

• Development of a leadership image for our clients.

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